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Palast: Then let me ask you, if according to your own constitution, the National Assembly votes to remove you, will you leave peacefully?

Chávez: The National Assembly could only do it through a series of steps, they don't have the right to take the presidency away from me just like that. There is only one way to do it: democratically, legitimately - and it was this humble servant who proposed to the Constitutional Assembly that it should be included in the Constitution. It's in the shape of a binding referendum, which is applied to every officer elected by the people, after half of their period has been completed. So that's the legitimate and constitutional way through which I could leave government, by the Venezuelan people voting for it.

The National Assembly only has the capability to arrange a political trial, along with the Supreme Court, that after an investigation authorises and orders my resignation. But that has to be justified by some crime I've committed.