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Palast: I read your newspapers, and the papers in the United States, and Europe, and they say, 'Hugo Chávez is crazy, Hugo Chávez is a dictator!' So I'm gonna ask you, Mr President, are you crazy, are you loco?!

Chávez: Look Greg, I also read the papers - not as much as you, but that's your business. I have so many activities, but I do read the newspapers and I make analyses of what I read. I love to read, I love social communication, freedom of speech - I sail on it. So when I read in a newspaper in Europe or North America, or even here in South America, "Chávez is a madman," you know what I say? That I should speak like Christ: "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!" I don't feel like they're talking about me at all - I am just a Venezuelan, in a struggle every day for my people's rights. What I am is simply a peasant, a soldier and a political leader, who has a dream of a country that is already written down. Here it is, the future of Venezuela, on paper. (produces copy of the constitution) I carry it here in my head, and here in my heart, and I will fight for it all my life, this is what I am.