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Palast: But the US, when they say "Hugo Chávez better learn his lessons" - do you take that as a threat from the American government? Isn't that a threat?

Chávez: I don't want to take it as a threat. No, they must have their own reasons for saying such things. You know, before publicly answering expressions like this one, I prefer to talk person-to-person, face-to-face, with those who have actually said them, in order to understand their motivations for expressing such things, and consequently give them personally an answer. I insist, not only to the US, but all over the world to those who have expressed themselves on this matter, that this spectacular coup that happened in Venezuela, which received such a beautiful answer from our people - dignified, valiant, democratic, and also the dignified and valiant answer of the central structure of the Venezuelan military, I believe that these elements, along with many others, must be an extraordinary source of lesson.

Looking at all this under the magnifying-glass, as many around the world are, gives a far better understanding of what the revolutionary process in Venezuela is all about. In Venezuela what is happening is indeed a revolutionary process, but with democratic form - peaceful and supported by the great majority of the Venezuelan people. For example, only yesterday there was a demonstration of over a million people supporting the President.