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Palast: You gave President Clinton a lesson, but now the United States government has said, "Hugo Chávez had better learn the lessons of the coup." What do you think the American government means by "the lessons" you should learn, and have you learned your lesson?

Chávez: I would say that we all have to learn the lessons of the coup, including myself. I also believe that some of the political players in Venezuela and the US, and other parts of the world, should also take some time to revise the lessons of the coup. It's not only me. But I humbly say, yes, I am always learning. Especially as leader of a state, a leader of many, a nation's conductor, I should be humble. I studied the principles of leadership, and I try to apply them always, and the first principle I learned, when I was only 17 - I was a young man, skinny, you know what they called me, they used to call me "Tribilin," you know, Goofy from Disney, because I was thin and my feet were too large, I use size 44 shoes. You too? Then you are also "Tribilin!" Well I learned that first principle of leadership, of commanding men, and I can never forget it: "Know thyself, and always look for self-correction."