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Palast: When you were seized during the coup, and you were put on a helicopter to La Orchila, did you think that this might be your last helicopter ride, and that you would never see Rosa Inés or your other children again? Did you ever think, this is it - they're taking me up in the air and I may not make it to the island, they could just throw me out of the helicopter?

Chávez: (translated) Well, Greg, on that helicopter to La Orchila, from Turiamo Bay where they'd kept me for almost 24 hours, on that journey, no I didn't, because during that flight I felt like Zarathustra coming down from the mountain, I was on fire! I was certain, although incommunicado, that I would return.

But the night before, when they also took me by helicopter, from Fort Tiuna here in Caracas, late at night and in a very bizarre manner - I remember flying all over Caracas and along the coastline of the Caribbean, the night was completely clear and I had no idea where we were going. And on that flight, I had that sensation, that feeling, that I was being taken towards my death. That flight, which only took about forty minutes, was a very long one for me. It was like a forty-seven yearlong journey, my whole lifetime!

For various reasons I had the belief, as I've already said, that I was going to die. I had a cross in my hand, I was very relaxed. I was ready to die. I was thinking about Rosa Inés, Maria Isabel, my mother, my father, my friends, all my children, Rosa Virginia, María Gabriela, Hugo Rafael, Raulito, my granddaughter Gabriela, and above all, the Venezuelan people - I thought about them all, especially the Venezuelan children. And yes indeed, I thought I was going to die and that this would be my last flight.