There exists today in Venezuela a number of conflicting forces that are making this
South-American country one of the bases for the most important battle they are calling World War IV. This war, also known as Neo-liberal Globalisation, is the fight against capitalism and hegemony to humanity. Nevertheless, the sole difference with the past wars is that they were fought with armaments of a high calibre and over extensive territories, this war on the other hand is being waged behind television screens and wielding the most fiercest bomb history has ever witnessed, the Economic bomb. This fourth World war, successor to the wrongly named Cold war (WW3), goes hand in hand with the recent industrial boom of Information-Technology. In Venezuela, all of these Globalising forces seem to be in action to annihilate all vestiges of hope and democracy that are represented by the popularly denominated Bolivariana Revolution. The documentary video, Bolivariana Venezuela: The people, the fight and World War IV explores the current socio-political situation of the country and the alternatives that the Bolivariana Revolution have thrown down in the wide path of neo-liberal globalisation. The idea is to offer an alternative point of view on the Bolivariana Revolution and to try and clear up a lot of doubts that surround the Venezuelan economic process and its president, Chavez.

The documentary starts with a brief recounting of 500 years of capitalist evolution in the world, from the Conquest of the Americas to neo-liberal globalisation, this serves to form an understanding of all that occurs in Venezuela today. It then follows Immediately to the Venezuelan theme of analysing the social explosion of 27th February 1989 (known as Caracazo) in initiating WW4. From there we rove into the processes of Hugo Rafael Cháves Frías, the current leader of the Bolivariana revolution, from his rising from the military on the 4th February 1992 to his recent electoral victories and his return to power in the historic coup of 13th April 2002. Then, by means of a series of interviews, they analyse the pros and cons of the revolutionary process in its fight for social justice and the dignity of the historically exploited Venezuelan people. This work serves as a mediator of democracy, the protection of human rights, the preservation of the environment, the re-vindication of indigenous villages, women’s rights, country folk, the resistance to treaties of free trade and the American military hegemony. Then they go on to study the forces that oppose this revolutionary process and the role the media has played as the main opposing weapon. This is why this labour of emancipation has fallen on the alternatives to act as beacons for the rights of the unprotected Venezuelan people. And finally, different towns folk and personalities offer the world a message of what really happens in Venezuela thus clarifying the tinted portrayal that the media, Venezuelan and International alike, have of this Bolivariana Revolution.


August 15th Referendum in Venezuela
Between Empire and Revolution


Next Sunday, August 15th, a national referendum is scheduled to take place in Venezuela to decide whether democratically-elected revolutionary president Hugo Chávez should remain in office. However, what is happening in Venezuela, far from being an electoral process determining the destiny of a leader, is a confrontation between the popular movements of Venezuela against the Capitalist Empire. This confrontation, however, won´t be decided on the ballots, but on the streets...

There is no doubt that Chávez has the support of the overwhelming majority of the Venezuelan population. This support, more importantly, doesn’t manifests itself just in terms of votes, but in a massive revolutionary offensive plan that, coming from the grassroots, seeks not only to neutralize an Opposition fraud, but to deploy an active process of insurgency to take this revolution to the next step: popular control of the means of production and communication through the exercise of direct democracy in assemblies.

The situation at the moment is complex, but we are mainly dealing with three different scenarios that must be understood outside of Venezuela. This is the only way we’ll have real possibilities of carrying out the international joint actions that can support the anti-systemic rebellion that is being carried forth by the Venezuelan people:

*First, it must be clear that, in terms of real votes, Chávez wins without a doubt the referendum. The problem comes, of course, with the high probabilities of fraud.

The imperialist Opposition has all the means to carry out a massive fraud that can create three different scenarios:

1) To impose the victory of the “yes” (the question posed in the referendum is about overriding Chávez´s government—The Bolivarians vote for the “No” while the Opposition for the “Yes”).

2) To bring the difference between “Yes” and “No” to a technical tie where the negotiating tentacles of the bureaucracy are activated to seek governability pacts that will try to halt the process of radicalization.

3) In the case that the fraud is too hard to carry out, the Opposition can unilaterally announce its victory (massively amplified through the media) before the official results are given. Then, once the Electoral Council recognizes Chávez´ victory, an aggressive media campaign will point to the “chavista fraud” to try to take the middle class to the streets. Of course, they would immediately deploy a plan of unprecedented violence (there are colombian paramilitary elements all over venezuela, in addition to the recent theft of explosives and weapons) trying to create chaos and massacres that could justify a coup d`Ètat or multinational “peacekeeping” forces in Venezuela.

These are the three main scenarios, although there are other possibilities (some more calmed others more chaotic). There might be an attempt of the Opposition, for example, to cancel the referendum by prompting terrorist actions before the 15th; again, looking for massacres and chaos.

At any rate, there is a general consensus amongst the popular movement that no fraud will be accepted (even if legitimized by the “revolutionary” bureaucracies) and that, if it happens, we will immediately activate, autonomously, our revolutionary offensive of radicalization, inviting president Chávez to command this process of insurgeny. This is, of course, a very difficult and complex situation that immediately transcends the boundaries of Venezuela. In that sense, this confrontation between Empire and Revolution will be decided on the streets... but not just on the streets of Venezuela as a Nation-State—since that would imply our defeat—but on the streets of the Pachamerica and the rest of this rebel Pachamama, our Mother Earth. Sisters and brothers, we make a call to all of you involved in libertarian struggles around this world, to join us in this crucial hour! This is not just about Venezuela, and even less about Hugo Chávez! This is a matter of autonomy or colony! liberty or slavery! life or death!... and we need you fighting along, from the local to the global to the local!

We make an open call to decentralized, direct actions in support of the autonomous struggle of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and the Pachamerican rebellions! Actions are already being planned across all Our America and sister Europe... and we need you all there. If there is nothing happening in your city, town, community... plan it compañer@s!

From the rebel streets of Caracas
With Pachamerican love...

Proyecto Nuestra América – Movimiento 13 de Abril – ANMCLA (Asociación Nacional de Medios Comunitarios Libres y Alternativos) – OIR (OPCIÓN DE Izquierda Rolucionaria – “Calle y Media” collective.