Born in Argentina, Lives and works in The UK

Life Performance and Video Art

"X-Rayed Hearts on a Landmined Camp"

Life Performance

"A terrorist attack occurred in New York on September the 11th 2001 leaving a trail of death and destruction. As part of the military actions after the attack hundreds of men were imprisoned and taken to a military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The majority of these prisoners have been maintained incommunicado. With no formal accusation made against them, without the right to a lawyer or to visitors. Prisoners released reported bad treatment, torture during interrogations and several suicide attempts among the interns.

Over the background of this situation, a woman embodies a relative of the victims of September the 11th. Later she metamorphoses into a relative of the prisoners in X-Ray detention camp.

Both women are historically confronted, however the antagonism does not really exist. Both are victims of the same violence. Both are fused by the same excruciating need: that justice is done.

Although justice is irremediably out of their hands, they are not completely powerless. Resistance is in the nature of woman. In the depths of the feminine psyche hate does not obliterate reason and compassion prevails.

The piece raises interrogations on principles of legality and authority in confrontation with universal ethic values in contemporary society. This society ruled by unbalanced powers where the actions for the defence of law and justice are as cruel and incomprehensible as terror itself.

This version of “X-rayed Hearts on a Land Mined Camp” was recorded in Area 10 in January 2004.