Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano

Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano provides a unique insight into the
realities and politics of contemporary Cuba. Experience this as
Inventos follows the pioneers of this musical movement to their
homes, the stage and as they travel abroad for the first time.
Inventos features the following musicians Anonimo Consejo, Grandes
Ligas,Obesion, Havana Hip Hop producer Pablo Herrera as well as
Ariel Fernandez,Tony Touch amongst others. Just as Hip Hop in the US
began as a form of creative expression bringing awareness to
suppressive socal conditions. Cuban Hip Hop demonstrates the
innovative and indesructible spirit born from a people suppressed by
the US embargos on Cuba. The documentary serves as a reminder of the
political consciousness through which hip hop was created. Thirty
years after its conception and inspite of commercialisation. This
culture continues to give voice to people who refuse to be silenced,
ignored and cut off from the larger society.

Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi has just graduated from New York Tisch
University. Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano is Eli's first full length
documentary, which premiered in La Habana Cuba in the summer of
2003, it has toured successfully across the US since and is touring
with the Libertad tour presently in Puerto Rico. He is currently in
production on his next documentary entitled,"Homegrown", a powerful
documentary on Hip Hop in Ghana West Africa. Eli is Puerto Rican,
American and Jewish.

Basi Amodu - UK Producer lived in Cuba working with many of the
pioneers of Hip Hop from 1996 to 2000. She attended the first Hip
Hop Festival in Havana. Basi is working with Eli having been
introduced by the Cuban Hip Hop musicians. She is keen to encourage
activism through art and hopes to work with other filmmakers and
performers in getting their work to the masses both in the UK,
Europe and to the wider society that is often overlooked such as the
Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. Basi worked as a stylist/art
director working in fashion, she did reportage pieces in Cuba,
Swaziland, South Africa and Europe, she hopes to continue working in
film, art or performance to reach all parts of the forgotten
unrepresented world. Since becoming a mother two years ago she has
concentrated on community based projects working with music
producers and on personal projects. Inventos has widened her scope
again. She will be shooting her own documentary this summer a 20
minute piece.

Basi has successfully promoted Inventos and has already screened at
the Respect Festival on 17th July. The following will be holding
screenings: Oxford University, Middlesex University, The Black
Screen Film Festival in Liverpool, The Latin American Film Festival,
Sussex Unversity and about 10 Cuba solidarity groups around the
country. Inventos has a piece coming out in Cuba Si magazine this
month. Manchester and Liverpool Unversity are presently viewing the
film for consideration. The OH! Art group at Oxford House in East
London are also presenting considering a proposal for Inventos in
October. ECF have committed as well as Ann Cross in Brighton who
runs an independent film house for their World Cinema season.

This is my first film promotion tour in the UK and with the success
of this I hope to work with other like minded organisations,
indivduals or groups to help get funding and/or screenings of their
Remember if you cannot screen the film but would like to attend a
screening then let me know. Eli will be in London in October and
early November for the tour.